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Fire & Smoke Clean up & Recovery

Response time is critical in a clean-up following a fire. Trademark Restorations provides complete recovery services, from cleanup to repairs. Our services include emergency board-up, content cleaning and restoration, odor removal and decontamination. We can then rebuild and renovate where appropriate. We are experts at working with property owners, property managers, and insurance providers to make the restoration of your property as easy and stress-free as possible.

Fire damage restoration and water damage restoration happens frequently. Fire not only destroys what it touches, it creates soot that adheres to walls, ceilings, floors and contents. In addition, smoke leaves behind difficult-to-remove stains and odors.

The water or chemicals used to extinguish the fire create challenges as well. When a boiler or furnace creates a puff-back, the residual soot can cause extensive damage throughout. The faster cleanup begins, the more salvage is possible.

Trademark Restoration responds immediately to mitigate damages. We begin the restoration process from the moment our team of professionals enters the premises and begins demolition and debris disposal.

Trademark Restoration responds:

  • Demolition and removal of all charred and damaged building debris
  • Detailed soot sponge cleaning of all affected areas
  • Dry cleaning all upholstered items (On premise)
  • Dry cleaning of linens, apparel, etc. (Off Premise)
  • Restoration of carpets and rugs (On or off premises depending on the type of item and severity of damage)
  • Restoration of documents, fine artwork and electronics
  • Deodorization of all affected areas